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November 18, 2019 3 min read

There’s something rotten in the state of vaporizing, and it’s not the cannabis.

We’re still in the midst of what’s become known as the “vape crisis”, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. 

To date, there have been 37 vape related deaths and over 1,800 vape related illnesses reported by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Although reported cases of vape related illnesses are slowing down, they have not stopped and individuals continue to be affected by products that range from e-cigarettes and flavored e-juices, to THC vape pods. Approximately half of all vape related illnesses have been attributed to THC vapes, and more specifically the vitamin E acetate additive being found in the illness producing products. 

It’s not the cannabinoids making people sick, it’s the additives. 

What has been dubbed the “vape crisis” has prompted health officials across the country to issue statements that urge people to stop vaping. A recent press release from the New York Health Commissioner, Howard Zucker, stated,

The cases of pulmonary illnesses associated with vaping are continuing to rise across New York State and the country. We urge the public to be vigilant about any vaping products that they or any family members may be using and to immediately contact their healthcare provider if they develop any unusual symptoms. In general, vaping of unknown substances is dangerous, and we continue to explore all options to combat this public health issue.

States like New York, Michigan, and Massachusetts have taken it one step further and issued emergency bans on all e-flavored cigarettes. However, this does not solve the issue of individuals purchasing black market THC vape products which generally contain vitamin E acetate or other harmful additives. 

Remember: Additives are the Culprit

There has been a rapid rise in concern over vaping of any kind, whether it be CBD, THC, or e-cigarette use. Illnesses have been reported that relate to all three kinds of vaping and it has been difficult to discern where the issues are arising. It is a logistical nightmare to collect and test all the samples from ill patients to determine a single root cause, although health officials have determined that the vitamin E acetate additive is one of the substances causing vape related illnesses. 

The CDC just released a statement stating that Vitamin E acetate was found in all 29 lung samples from ill patients and the condition will now be referred to as E-cigarette or vaping product associated lung injury (EVALI). The condition is now attributed to exposure to vitamin E acetate from vaping.

Vitamin E acetate is a common ingredient in beauty products and health supplements but becomes toxic when inhaled in a vaporized form. Vaporizing this substance may lead to inflammation of the lungs and respiratory tract as well as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in extreme cases. 

Experts from the CDC are advising people to stop vaping THC products altogether, but recommend that if a consumer is purchasing a vapeable liquid or pod they should do their research. It is important to find out if the company is reputable and performs independent third-party testing on their products.

It is also advisable to stay away from any products made in China, from which a lot of vape products are being sourced. While the United States doesn’t have strict regulations for vape products in place, China has no regulations and dangerous additives can often be found in Chinese made, counterfeit products. 

CDC Principal Deputy Director Anne Schuchat stated,

We have many questions about the supply chain and the integrity of these products. So I think that we need to have an open mind and learn a lot more about the supply chain, as well as about the contents of various products that are used within e-cigarettes or vaping to understand which of many toxins might be leading to this type of lung injury.

Flower Power

With this recent vape crisis, many consumers will likely return to safer cannabis consumption options, such as smoking or vaping flowers. As flowers are organic, they do not require additives to make them consumable and are unaltered from their natural state. 

For consumers looking to enhance their flower experience, Meraki Tips offer two different crutches to embolden the terpenes and effects of the chosen flower. The Peaceful TIP is infused with a proprietary blend of organic food-grade terpenes that are meant to consistently curb the unwanted anxieties associated with a particular herb. This crutch allows consumers to enjoy their favorite strains in a more relaxed state of mind, while the Sayonara TIP is meant to consistently boost the relaxing properties of a particular herb. 

Get away from the unknown health risks of vaping THC and return to grassroots consumption methods. There is nothing better than unaltered, sun-kissed flowers whose terpenes sparkle in the sunshine combined with the power of Meraki terpene tips.